Communication Channels?

First off… I LOVE what you guys are doing for the Continuous Integration/Delivery space of software development. Your work has made my job so much easier, and I feel like I learn so much from just watching how you guys run Gradle and the business behind it. Well done.

However, I’ve noticed a few changes to how you’re interacting with “your community” and I wanted to ask a few questions/pose some solutions regarding what I see.

Specifically, there are a few communication channels for the world of Gradle that are easily accessible that don’t provide much benefit, and a few more difficult to find landing pages that have helped me learn what you guys are up to. I’m hoping by relaying this information, others will benefit and be able to maintain awareness of Gradle’s direction and evolving featureset.

  • “This Week In Gradle” hasn’t been updated for over a year. For me, what has replaced this has been watching the Nightly Release notes ( and changes to the high level documentation in the Gradle repository on GitHub ( Could the concept of “This Week in Gradle” be morphed to an automatic aggregation of “what has changed in the release notes + design documentation”? - Webinars haven’t been kept up to date with all of the Gradle presentations that have been given (I’m sure) all over the world. It’d be cool to be able to reach some of these resources via (I’m eagerly anticipating the Gradle Summit materials here too). I’ve watched a few webinars from JFrog about Gradle - maybe you could partner with them on propagating some of these? I think it’d also be neat to have a webinar that shows the top features of this latest Gradle release and maybe your goals/priorities for the next release.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re keenly aware that there are things we could do better to keep the developer community informed about what’s been accomplished and what’s being planned.

We’ve discussed how to address this, and definitely integrating the design specs with the (pretty much defunct) Gradle Roadmap is on the cards. Your idea of taking this further and providing a feed of what’s changed in the release notes and design specs would be pretty cool, and not too hard to achieve.

Unfortunately there’s not much bandwidth in the team at this time to implement this stuff, but it’s certainly on the cards.

I’m afraid I can’t provide any insight into the status of Gradle Summit videos, except that my understanding is that they are still going through post-processing and should be posted fairly soon…ish.

Thanks for the speedy reply!