Improving Gradle Transparency for the Community

(Hans Dockter) #1

We got a lot of feedback that people did not feel informed well enough about the Gradle roadmap and activities. There is so much going on but a lot was only visible in Github commits. We think the complaints are valid and we have taken this very seriously. We acted upon it and are very excited to make the following announcements:

The new roadmap board

We have a new roadmap status board. It will give you a good idea about the status of the major features we are working on right now or plan to work on in the future. It allows us also to share the larger vision we have for Gradle. You can expect this always to be up to date with a maxium delay of a couple of days. See:

The roadmap details are in the new forum

All the items of the roadmap board are linked to a detailed description in the forum. Here is a link to all the roadmap topics:

Our new forum

We are very happy with our new forum. We think this will be a better place to share and discuss ideas and plans than the mailing list. The forum will replace the mailing list more and more. See:

This week in Gradle

As already announced, our new forum will have a weekly ‘This week in Gradle’ posting which will provide a summary of the latest development activities, plans and decisions.

Here is the link to the series:

Have a look at the first posting:

(jburbridge) #2

This is huge! Thank you!