[Play] Possible to have a "partial" hotreload/continuous build?

Hey guys.

I have a multi-module project, with a considerable dependency tree. The Play project to which I’m trying to apply the Gradle Play Plugin depends on other projects (some Play projects, but most not), which by their turn depend on other projects, etc.

I want to have hot reloading, but ideally, I’d like to have the ability to disable the file watching for other projects, that ultimately triggers the rebuild.

I tried to “play” with the changingClasspath of the plugin, but that only got me to the point where I could manipulate if the play server process would restart or not, following changes and tasks being re-executed (maybe not 100% how it works, but…).

Is there a feasible way to only have hot-reloading and/or continuous building for a set of projects of my own choosing? Thanks.