Doubts about Play Framework plugin

Hello guys,

Currently I am using gradle (2.12) in my organization as a build tool for our play framework projects, but I am experiencing some troubles to match the same result we had with old build tool (sbt).

  1. If I have a project dependency, why does the plugin rename the final jar when I run the stage task? And why this renaming is using the projectPath-filename instead of group-filename? At last, why version is not used in the jar naming?


    dependencies {
    play project(’:foo’)

    stage directory:
    ├── foo-foo.jar
    ├── foo-foo-assets.jar

  2. Is it possible to redefine different sources to be used by playRun or by play tasks independently?


  1. Some people had projects where it was common to have repeated project names (e.g., multiple ‘util’ or ‘model’ or ‘ui’) being pulled into a Play app. When the staging area was built, they would either have collisions (if they had the same version) or they couldn’t tell which util-XX.jar was from which project. To workaround that, we started renaming jars when building the staging area. I think this is going to be temporary until the next dev cycle on Play plugin work.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by different sources. Do you mean to add extra sources only when you use playRun but not when you build a distribution zip?