Maven and Gradle coexistence?

(Mick Knutson) #1

I have another topic here about JUnit not working the same as in Maven, thus I have a project in Maven that I might not be able to fully move to Gradle.

So my question is: is there a way to have my dependency management in a single place and be able to run Maven for the modules that only work with Maven, and Gradle for the rest?

Maybe can Gradle read the dependency management from Maven like in the maven-ant-task in Ant?

And can properties be shared between Maven and Gradle?

(René Groeschke) #2

Hello Mick, instead of listing the dependencies on two places, one easy solution might be to use some groovy for parsing the declared dependencies in your pom.xml from your gradle script and add them dynamically as gradle dependencies. Baruch Sadogursky wrote a maven 2 gradle converter that is available via github at that might contain some logic for parsing poms for dependencies.

Similar situation for properties. Groovy makes it dead simple to read the property file in gradle that you already use in maven.

regards, René