Maven migration dosnt migrate plugins and properties

Hi community,

I used gradle init to convert maven multi-module project to gradle. Bit it just created dependencies and project structure into new build.gradle and gradle.settings files.Any automated way to migrate plugins and properties , profiles also??

Gradle init won’t convert maven plugins to the equivalent gradle script. It’s just meant to be a starting point to migrate from maven to gradle

There are hundreds (thousands?) of third party Maven plugins and converting all of these to Gradle would require some pretty fantastic artificial intelligence.

There are handful of maven plugins which are actually used.if dependency conversion can be done,so is plugins

There are handful of maven plugins which are actually used

I’ve used about 20 maven plugins throughout my career, which handful are you using?

If dependency conversion can be done,so is plugins

Both maven and gradle have a similar dependency concept which is why this can be done. The same can’t be said for plugins.

  • Some maven plugins don’t have an equivalent gradle plugin
  • Some maven plugins can have two or three equivalents in Gradle, which one should be chosen?
  • Gradle plugins often have a different configuration style to the Maven equivalent
  • Some Maven plugin functionality can be achieved without a Gradle plugin (eg core tasks and/or a bit of groovy)
  • Some maven plugin functionality is best achieved by invoking the equivalent ant task

Still it can be done.

Please send me a link to your github account once you’ve done it

The work to be done is for mnc…No data can be shared with anyone.

You might be interested in a plugin I wrote which parses the Maven poms into a model then let’s you run freemarker templates on the model to generate gradle scripts