Maven properties migration with gradle init

I used gradle init to migrate a maven project to gradle. It works great, but looks like it does not consider the maven properties defined in pom files. Is there a plan to support that (copying maven properties defined to or as ext variables)?

At the moment we are not planning to support Maven properties. Keep in mind that the definition of some of the properties notations (e.g. env., project. and settings.) in a Maven POM do not translate one to one to the concepts in Gradle. Are you mainly talking about properties defined in the <properties /> element in the POM? Those might actually be straight forward to be translated into the Gradle world.

Are you interested in providing a pull request for this functionality? It would be great to see the functionality of the Maven converter grow over time. You can find additional information on contributing to Gradle on

Thanks @bmuschko. Yes, I’m mainly talking about the <properties>. Do you have some pointers on where the code for maven conversion currently is? I’ll take a look when I get time.

The main entry point here is the class Maven2Gradle. We are looking forward to your contributions!