Looking for new owners for Gradle plugins

Dear Gradle community,

For many years I have been creating and maintaining Open Source Gradle plugins. Among them are popular ones for web application development (Tomcat and Cargo plugin), creating immutable containers (Docker plugin), generating code coverage (Clover plugin) and many more. In the past some of my plugins have found new homes likes the Gradle AppEngine plugin which moved to Google. You can find many more on my GitHub repository.

As you can imagine, maintaining a lot of plugins (or any Open Source project for that matter) in your free time takes up a lot of time, energy and requires a huge amount of discipline. I don’t want to let down the users of my plugins and would like for them to have continued support. Unfortunately, I cannot shoulder this work by myself anymore.

Here’s my request to the community: Is anyone interested in becoming the new touchbearer for one of these plugins? It is a great opportunity to drive the technical direction of a project with a limited code base, a chance to get your feet wet in Open Source and ultimately contribute back the community.

If you are interested, please shoot me a mail (benjamin dot muschko @ gmail dot com) or ping me on Twitter.

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