Google takes over development of Gradle App Engine plugin

After 3 years of development and 24 releases, I am proud to announce that the App Engine plugin is now officially in Google’s hands. A new version is already available on Maven Central under the new coordinates and you can expect many more to come. A big thank you goes out to the Gradle and App Engine community that helped make the plugin what it is today. The plugin license stayed the same (Apache 2). Google highly welcomes feedback and pull requests so please continue to contribute.

You can find Google’s announcement on the Google App Engine forum. The code has been migrated to a new GitHub repository GoogleCloudPlatform/gradle-appengine-plugin. Please refer to the new location in the future.



Is there a way to have the Gradle App Engine plugin use the Eclipse Google App Engine plugin?

I have the Google App Engine plugin installed in Eclipse. I’d like to use Gradle to handle whatever dependencies I may need. I also don’t want to store all the jars that the Eclipse Google App Engine plugin puts in my WEB-INF/lib folder; like the appengine-api-1.0-sdk-1.9.9.jar which is about 13 MB in size.

The following build script is what I came up with, but it isn’t pretty nor is it perfect. I was just wondering if there was an easier way.