Transfer ownership of a Gradle plugin


(Alex) #1

I’d like to transfer ownership of the plugin under this account to a different one. From searching, it looks like the only way to do this is by making a forum post here and an admin doing it, is this correct?

I’d like to transfer ownership to TimLethbridge.


(Rus) #2

Hi Alex,

I will take care of this for you as soon as possible. I’ll reply back to this post when it’s done.

(Rus) #3

@ahochheiden can you confirm that this is the plugin you wish to transfer ownership of


(Alex) #4

Yes, that’s the one. Thank you.

(Rus) #5

This should be done now. Could you confirm?

(Alex) #6

Confirmed. Thanks for your help.

(Rus) #7

No probs. Thanks for confirming.