Transfer ownership of Gauge plugin

Hello, I would like to transfer the ownership of Gauge Plugin to getgauge account.

Hey there,
Is it possible to transfer the ownership of the Plugin?

@CedricChampeau @st_oehme Could you guys take a look at it please?

Hi Admins,
Its been quite a while since this was raised and no response since then. I see that other plugins have been transferred by you admins here. Can you please help us do the same? The Gauge gradle plugin was maintained by @manupsunny, now the Gauge team would like to takeup the ownership of the plugin (the organization gradle account is
The github repo has been transferred already (

We need to do this soon, as we will not be able to publish any new changes to the gradle plugin without the transfer.
If there is any other process that needs to be followed, please let us know.
I request you all to please look at this as soon as possible.