Transfer owership of plugin

(Louis Williams) #1

I currently own a plugin, and I want to allow my company to publish to it using their account API keys. How can I transfer ownership or at least delete it and allow them to re-publish it?

Transfer ownership of a Gradle plugin
(Kon Soulianidis) #2

Hi Louis

Can you please PM me the details of the plugin id and the username you would like this to be owned by? We’ll take a look at whats required from there.


Kon Soulianidis
Principal Engineer

(Louis Williams) #3

There doesn’t seem to be a way to send a private message that I can find, so the plugin is com.bazaarvoice.s3repo and I would like it to be transferred to bv-open-source. Thanks!

(Kon Soulianidis) #4

Hi Louis
Thanks for the info. We’ve now shifted this across. Let us know if you want to update the github url also.

Apologies you weren’t able to message as well. I realised this was due to you being a new user on the forum here.

Best regards

ps. For anyone else looking, Messaging is found by clicking on a users avatar and pressing the Message button in the popup. Alternatively there is a Messages dropdown when you click your own avatar menu in the top right.

There is a trust level so new users need to spend some time on the forums reading posts before this is enabled however. If this is a problem, post a message here and we can follow up directly.

(Louis Williams) #5

Great, thanks so much!

(Bulat Yaminov) #6

Hi Kon, I also need to transfer ownership of my plugin to the company account that we have created. Is there now a new way to do it since 2015, or should I create a forum post?

I need to transfer plugin com.xebialabs.xl-deploy from my account (byaminov) to our company account: “XebiaLabs” (

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Bulat Yaminov

(Tim Yates) #7

Hiya! Currently there’s no automated way to do this task, and we normally ask for a new forum post

But as you’re here, I can get this done for you now… I’ll let you know when it’s done



(Tim Yates) #8


Ownership transferred!



(Bulat Yaminov) #9

Hi Tim, great, thanks a lot!!