Transfer ownership of gradle-cucumber-plugin

Hello. I’ve recently been added as a contributor to a Gradle plugin on GitHub. All of the other contributors have been absent for years: this is why I was added.

Therefore, I have no access to upload future versions of the plugin to the Plugin Portal.

The Plugin Portal ID is: com.github.samueltbrown.cucumber

The GitHub URL for the project is:

What do I need to do to gain access to the account for this plugin? I sent a message via the contact page some weeks ago, but haven’t had a response.

I posted this twelve days ago. I sent a private message several weeks before that. Both appear to have been ignored. Why?

What luck have you had in contacting one of the six people listed on that github repository link you shared?

If it was me who wanted to have a plugin’s access transfered to myself, I would ask the original owner to change their original Gradle Plugin Portal account password to something they could share with me.

Then when I had access to the original guy’s Plugin Portal account, I would change the original credentials to something of my own.

From there, I would change The API Key to something of my own.

What luck have you had trying something like that?

In a way, the experience you report about Gradle ignoring your request is a good thing. It’s reassuring to learn that Gradle won’t just give access to my account to anybody who persistently asks for it enough times.

Hi @gregmunt,

Sorry for the late reply on this request. We opened an issue internally but didn’t follow up on it until now. Unfortunately, everything outside of the normal use case of the portal is quite troublesome to execute, plugin transfer being one of them. I understand you want to take over the development of the great com.github.samueltbrown.cucumber plugin. Unfortunately, I can’t verify you as a contributor to the repository and won’t be able to move the request forward. Could you get a current owner/contributor to support the quest by adding your name in the README file of the repository or if you can show that you are a contributor of the repository by pushing a change to the master branch. It would help us confirm that you can claim the plugin’s ownership.

Thanks and sorry again for the delay,