Jira notifications

(steve) #1

Does the Gradle Jira disable notifications? I am a watcher on GRADLE-2762 but was never notified when it was resolved.

(Luke Daley) #2

They should be working.

Did you get the test email I just sent you from JIRA?

(steve) #3

Yep. But I do not get them from issue notifications. Sending a test email is different from event notifications, which need to go through your configured “notification scheme” to figure out who to send emails to.

(Luke Daley) #4

I have done this. Watchers are supposed to be notified.

Have you never received a notification or was it just this one time?

(steve) #5

BTW, you should be able to use “Notification Helper” to determine if users are getting notifications, and if not why not. Assuming you are an admin, go to the issue and select ‘Admin > Notification Helper’; enter my user name and select ‘Issue Resolved’ as the event type.

(steve) #6

Can’t say I have noticed either way since y’all “closed” your Jira instance (forums as front end)

(Luke Daley) #7

Did that, it says you would receive the email.

(Doug Lethin) #8

As another data point, I’m a watcher on this issue as well as others JIRA issues but don’t recall ever receiving a notification of a change in status. I followed up and noticed in my case that JIRA had the wrong email address for me (a technically due to a change my IPS made in how mailboxes are setup).

I’ve updated my email address, so we’ll see if notifications start coming to me again (my username is ‘dougy’ in JIRA)

(Doug Lethin) #9

Since updating to my correct email address, I have since received some notifications on jira tickets I’m watching that have had some changes made to them.