JIRA lacks any commit history

Gradle’s use of JIRA lacks any commit history, which makes it very difficult to track down how a bug was fixed. It’s clear that Pivotal Tracker Integration is being used for a lot internal tracking. As an outsider though, seeing tickets get closed without any comment or code on how it was fixed is frustrating. I find myself stumbling upon a bug that looks relevant and it’s closed. But since I don’t know how it was fixed, I can’t figure out if it covered my edge case, what the commit message is or even where in the code to start looking.

I’d say that’s the biggest problem. The code base is huge, especially with someone coming in fresh. So having pointers in JIRA is a critical way of helping people dive into the code.

I wouldn’t dare to recommend moving away from Pivotal Tracker, if it keeps you efficient, keep doing it. But maybe the Git/Jira plugin could be enabled, or the GitHub JIRA Service Hook, to automatically link commits with their issues. It seems like a simple thing which would really help the community.

I’ve set this up. Thanks for the suggestion.

In a similar vein, is there anyway to get more info from the Pivotal Tracker posts, which aren’t helpful:

Pivotal Tracker Integration made changes

It’d be really nice to know who changed it in PT, so that we can communicate with them via the Jira, forums, etc.

That’s not something that Pivotal provides at the moment. If you comment on the source forum issue or JIRA issue, someone will see it.