Jigsaw and qualified exports

I’m using Gradle 3.4.1 to try to play with Jigsaw. I’m using the Software Model to define several modules and then link them together. The issue I’m running into is that I don’t see any syntax in Gradle for specifying qualified exports (like export to ). I’m unfortunately going to need qualified exports, I think.

Or maybe not. Anyone who understands Jigsaw better might be able to help me. I’ve got modules that have multiple APIs. Jigsaw only supports one API per module according to my understanding. So, I was going to play with an idea of creating a module whose whole purpose is to expose a second API. Basically:

moduleA has two APIs, api1 and api2.

I want to declare in jigsaw that moduleA exports api1 and qualified exports api2 to moduleB
Then I will create a moduleB that contains no code but exports api2
To use api1 a module would require moduleA. To use api2 a module would require moduleB.

Does that make sense?