Java 9 + Jigsaw roadmap

(blackdrag) #1


since there are some outstanding issues with JDK9´s jigsaw i´d like to ask if there is some plan/roadmap/timeline/milestones, or whatever you want to call it, for tackling these, to get a proper working Gradle on JDK9 again. If there is none, it might be fine for now as well, since it is still quite a while before the release… it is just that projects building with gradle will also need some time to react to the JDK9 maze and it would help if gradle is not the showstopper there already

(Christian Stein) #2

Extending @blackdrag’s query, it’d be nice to show case a project build directory and configuration layout with respect to Gradles multi-project/composite build features. If that show case uses the example classes and modules from it should really help with early adopting Java 9 based projects.

(Christian Stein) #3

@blackdrag Gradle Design Doc: JDK 9 Support compiles a bunch of information concerning Java 9 + Jigsaw.

I started a tiny best-practice compilation over at


(blackdrag) #4

@sormuras I don’t expect that a complete document but the state seems to be largely from before the #AwkwardStrongEncapsulation proposal got into the JDK9 builds. Gradle does use more “private APIs” than mentioned there. For example for setting the environment of a daemon