Java Elements filtered out of the Project Explorer

I never reported it as a bug because I could never reproduce it consistently, but it often happens to me that after importing some Gradle multiproject in the workspace, the “Java Elements” content of the Project Explorer is filtered out (in the “Available Customizations” dialog, opened by “Customize View…” in the Project Explorer, under “Content” the “Java Elements” item is unchecked). For instance, this happened to me also as soon as I tried to import the multiproject attached on in an empty workspace. But, of course, I can’t reproduce it any more :frowning:

Has anyone an idea on what’s going on? Am I the only one to be hit by this problem?

The first time I encountered this, it was really hard to figure out why the “Project and External Dependencies” node was not showing in the view…

I haven’t seen that happen before, but it sounds unrelated to Buildship. We don’t change the filters in any way. You might get a better answer in the Eclipse Platform UI Bugzilla. Maybe there is a known problem with filters.

So can’t it be anything related to the “Gradle build folder” and/or “Gradle sub projects” filters which are indeed managed by Buildship?

I never encountered this problem before starting to use the Buildship Gradle import wizard, this is why I thought it might have been related.

If that was somehow related, it would still be a platform bug. We just add our two filters to the extension point. They should not interfere with anything else.

Ok, thank you, I will continue to investigate…