Build.gradle file disappearing from Project Explorer

I’d like to bring to the Buildship developers’ attention the bug at:

This 2011 bug still stands in Eclipse Neon. It’s very annoying and impacts the Gradle tooling in Eclipse.

Could the Buildship team do something for this, or at least promote its resolution?

I don’t see much we can do here, apart from upvoting the bug. Seems like there is no interest from the WTP team to fix this.

Yes, I see, but… considering that the Project Explorer is the main view used by Java developers (and that there’s a strong intention to remove the Package Explorer for it), that Java and Groovy are probably the main target platforms for Gradle builds, that we are saying that the build.gradle completely disappears from the view (so that it can be opened again only with Ctrl+Shift+R) and that WTP support is one of the main recent themes in Buildship, I was wondering whether this weren’t worth some more commitment from the Buildship team, than a simple upvote… especially since it seems like that bug didn’t get any actual visibility to the WTP team even though Kris De Volder clearly identified the conditions in which this happens…

I’m curious why the .gradle files are being treated as Java resources in your case? Buildship does not contribute any editing support. Did you install the Groovy plugin and add .gradle to the list of recognized file extensions?

I don’t see what else we can do here. We don’t have the capacity to fix Eclipse WTP.

Yes, I have a Groovy project, using the Groovy Eclipse Plugin. Gradle files are automatically handled by the Groovy plugin. I don’t know if this is due to the Groovy plugin itself or due to the STS Gradle Plugin (which I still also need for projects that have not yet been migrated to Buildship).

I didn’t apply any manual configuration, this is what I have “by default” in my Eclipse configuration.

I thought STS dropped the Groovy integration some time ago. Are you on their latest release?

Yes, I am using the latest Groovy-Eclipse plugin that once was supported by SpringSource. Now they’re just updating it to support newer Eclipse versions. I don’t know about any other alternative for Groovy development on Eclipse…