Buildship and the Eclipse plugin

I use the Eclipse Gradle plugin to generate some Eclipse project settings and these occasional change so I run the “cleanEclipse eclipse” tasks to regenerate these. If the project had been imported by buildship then all of the buildship project natures get deleted when doing this.

I see from the buildship project requirements list that re-importing a project is on the TODO list and I wanted to check/request if this would also integrate with the Eclipse plugin so that if I run the “cleanEclipse eclipse” tasks for a project then it will under the covers also generate the buildship stuff required?

Hi Iain
There is currently no support (and nothing planned) to mix what is generated by ‘gradlew eclipse’ with what Buildship sets up in Eclipse.

But, we will extend Buildship (and the Tooling API) to respect more of the customizations defined in the Gradle build (nature, builders, etc.).


Thanks for the reply Etienne! I hadn’t actually realized that the initial import didn’t run gradle eclipse on the projects being imported - I’d only run the import on projects that I’d already worked with on older versions of Eclipse and the Pivotal tools so had already run gradle eclipse previously.

Can this become a feature request that build ship does this at somepoint in the future? I work on web projects so it is handy running the eclipse target as it makes it into a faceted project that integrates with WTP. I see that I can do import then use buildship to run the eclipse target and it all works for me (I don’t need to run the cleanEclipse first) but it would still be nice to see a bit more integration between buildship and the plugin in the future.

Thanks for your comments. We do not intend to read the generated eclipse files from Buildship, but we do intend to provide WTP support, or to at least make it possible for someone else to hook into Buildship to provide WTP support. There is some working going on in that space right now - not sure what the final solution will be yet, or when it will become available.
Note that if you import a Gradle project that already has some .project files, those projects will not be touched by Buildship (except the Gradle nature being added).