Buildship 1.0.3 is now available

Buildship 1.0.3 comes with new and improved functionality. Selected tests can be rerun from the Executions View, and all failed tests can be rerun conveniently from the Executions View, too. Buildship now handles added and removed Gradle projects when a refresh is triggered in Eclipse. Also, Buildship now respects the proxy settings defined in Eclipse.

Buildship 1.0.3 is available at the Eclipse Marketplace or at the update sites. Users with Buildship already installed can automatically update to the latest version.

The list of changes can be found here.

Sorry, if this question might be somehow silly.

In earlier days before Buildship, I used to run Gradle’s own Eclipse task to adjust .project and .classpath files before importing projects into an empty Eclipse workspace. With Buildship, I have the impression I should not do this anymore. On the contrary, importing existing Gradle build scripts by Buildship will create completely new .project and .classpath files for each project. So I never should use the Gradle’s Eclipse task anymore. And this applies also to projects with the war plugin applied.


All you say is very correct re: Java projects.

Buildship does not yet support configuration of imported web projects (planned but not yet scheduled). But if you have a mix of java and web projects, you can do an import into Buildship and then configure the web projects to your needs.