Buildship 1.0.7 is now available

Buildship 1.0.7 is now available - with support for custom natures and build commands

Buildship 1.0.7 is based on Gradle 2.9 which offers a pack of enhancements.

Buildship now automatically configures custom project natures and custom build commands defined in the build script:

apply plugin: 'eclipse'    
eclipse {
    project {
        natures << 'some.extra.eclipse.nature'
        buildCommand << ''

Note that this feature is only supported for projects using target Gradle version 2.9 or higher.

The test execution behavior has been improved. Within an Eclipse project, users can select classes and methods in any combination from the Project Explorer, from the Java editor, or from the Executions view and run them as Gradle tests by opening the context menu and selecting Run As... > Gradle Test. Also, the display of the test names in the Console View and in the Execution View have been unified.

Buildship 1.0.7 is available at the Eclipse Marketplace or at the update sites. Users with Buildship already installed can automatically update to the latest version.