Custom project natures seems to be overwritten by buildship default natures

Using Buildship 1.0.9 , Gradle 2.11 and Eclipse 4.5.1 with the following script:

eclipse {
	project  {
		buildCommand 'edu.umd.cs.findbugs.plugin.eclipse.findbugsBuilder'
		natures 'ch.acanda.eclipse.pmd.builder.PMDNature'

When a import a project, only buildCommand works but the nature a specificated is not included in the .project file. I alread tried natures << 'ch.acanda.eclipse.pmd.builder.PMDNature' and natures = ['ch.acanda.eclipse.pmd.builder.PMDNature'] but the result is always the same. Is it normal ? Thanks.

What version of gradle are you running? This feature requires 2.9+

Hey @Caio

Buildship only adds a nature if it is handled by the current Eclipse installation. So make sure that PMD is installed and the nature id is correct.


Indeed. I made a few tests and custom natures are only added to .project file if you have the plugin installed and the nature declared. Thank you!