Default project settings for eclipse plugin (Buildship)


I’m testing the new plugin on a new Mars (JEE version) and I found that when you create a new project, folders ‘.gradle’ and ‘build’ are filtered from the views.
I can understand that ‘.gradle’ is hidden, but build? Hiding it forces me to manually change the configuration on any new project, or go into a file explorer to see, for instance, the test’s html report or the generated jar.

Wouldn’t it be better to just filter ‘build/classes’? or am I missing something?

I second this complaint. And worse, even if you change it, Buildship adds it back. Very annoying. I see no reason to filter the “build” folder. There are useful things in build, like reports, that you would want to access in Eclipse.


I just installed this plugin and I did realize the same situation about I can’t see the “build” directory through the Explorer View with the libs (for a .war) and reports (gradle testing) even spock-reports directory

Some way to fix permanently this situation?


The functionality you are describing has been provided as a pull request. We’ll need to review and merge the pull request. Hopefully, that’ll happen soon. I’d suggest tracking the pull request on GitHub.

Great :slight_smile: Thanks for the info Benjamin

@bmuschko Thanks a lot by the information!

Yeah, if it gets changed that will be very helpful. Dependent projects won’t build in Eclipse if you hide the build folder and it contains files the dependent projects need. I had to write a custom search/replace to get around this but its still very tedious. Its like building a Ferrari and then hiding it in the basement.