Can't build hibernate-orm

Has anybody ever tried and succeeded in building hibernate-orm with Buildship?

I’m getting tons of errors, mostly from missing source folders like target/generated/apt/main. The trouble is, I can’t even add these folders manually to the build path, since target is not visible in Eclipse for some subprojects, even though the folder does exist on disk.

The build succeeds when running ./gradlew build from the command line.

I had a quick look on your case, but I encountered a different problem: when the project was imported into the workspace, Eclipse detected a cycle in referenced projects. The root cause is that Eclipse JDT defines one classpath per project so Buildship has to add all dependencies to it even if they originate from a different scope.

Regarding your problem, Buildship adds resource filters to hide build artifacts like the target folder. We plan add a feature to disable-enable these filters but nothing has been scheduled yet.

The feature for disabling the filter on the build folder has been added. See the related post: