Is there a setting that makes build folder visible in Eclipse?

When building a gradle project with BuildShip in Eclipse, the build directory is invisible. I know of no setting to make it visible. Can it be made visible? I know Eclipse has a view configuration setting to make the Maven build folder visible. Is there a way with Gradle?

Buildship 1.0.10 (due soon) will allow you to toggle that behavior.

In the latest Buildship milestone, the build folder is no longer excluded. Any source folders inside it will compile as expected.

You can show/hide the build folder in the Project Explorer, Package Explorer and Navigator like this:

Please note, that in order to make it work you have to refresh your Gradle project.

We plan to release Buildship 1.0.10 with the fix next week. If you want to evaluate you can install the latest milestone build from the following update site:
We appreciate any feedback.