Build folder disappear in Eclipse



I have a project which generates sources during build into the build directory.
However this directory periodically disappears from Eclipse Package Explorer view which leads to compilation errors in Eclipse due to missing classes.

Each time this happens I have to tell Eclipse to refresh the project (F5) which brings the build folder back and in addition refresh the build folder itself since otherwise Eclipse does not detect its content.

This is very annoying since each time my project stops compiling with tons of compilation errors.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

(Donát Csikós) #2


This is a known issue for Buildship. If you are interested in the discussion check out the related Bugzilla entry. We are currently working on the solution and will fix this issue as part of the upcoming 1.0.10 service release.

(Donát Csikós) #3


Your issue has been addressed:
Is there a setting that makes build folder visible in Eclipse?