Project is missing required source folder 'src/test/groovy'

Just upgraded to buildship 1.0.16 and now I find that Eclipse is telling me that I cannot build the my project because the folder src/test/groovy does not exist. While I’m sure that not having tests is not best practice, we have been getting along just fine without such a folder. Is this a new feature of buildship?

We didn’t introduce any changes related to the source folders. Can you please verify that your error message originates from Buildship plugins? If so, please share the error log and/or the stack trace here.

I can’t really verify where this came from, sorry. SOMETHING created a .classpath file in which src/test/groovy was listed as a source folder. I can’t imagine what else would have caused that to happen other than buildship. I certainly wouldn’t have done it manually as there were no tests. Since src/test/groovy was listed as a Source folder, Eclipse gave the actual error message, stating that the project could not be built because the directory was missing.