Is there any way to do non-interactive mode?

Is there a way to initialize a project in non-interactive mode and pass in the options through command line arguments instead of interactive questions?

For example, with the run init tasks, it asks interactive questions.

I was trying to see what command-line options are available with gradle init --help, but this doesn’t show options like --type and --dsl that I saw in part1_gradle_init.

I could not find it in the documentation hierarchy, but I eventually found this through a Google search and luck:

This gave this example snippet:

gradle init \
  --type java-application \
  --dsl kotlin \
  --test-framework junit-jupiter \
  --package my.project \
  --project-name my-project  \
  --no-split-project  \
  --java-version 17

I don’t understand why these would not be included in gradle init --help.

Because you are not showing the help for the init task, but the --help for the Gradle invokation itself.

What you are after is gradle help --task init

Nice, thank you. This opens the world up. Docs from the command line are awesome.

Is there any way to augment these scaffolding commands, such as add kotest as an available option for --test-framework?

No, if the task does not support it out of the box, only with a custom distribution where you change the implementation