Gradle init command line options

I want to be able to use ‘gradle init’ from the command line with any options I need. I can’t have it prompting for options. So what are my options for using it without any prompting? The documentation isn’t very helpful. Some options have additional prompts. And what are all the available command line options? I’m doing this on Windows for Android. I’m mostly interested in something like: gradle init --type basic (or) gradle init --type java-application (or) additional options for those but with no additional prompts Thanks!

If you call the help task you can give it a task to show all options using the --task option.
So invoke ./gradlew help --task init and you see all the options you can give to the init task.

Thanks! That helps. I tried many times and it looks like if you give it any extra option, you have to use them all or it will prompt you.

Well, it prompts you for anything needed that you did not already specify using a parameter.

The reason I didn’t want it to prompt for anything was that I was going to run the ‘gradle init’ command programmatically, so I would have had to give it everything it needed so that it wouldn’t prompt for anything more.