Is not possible import an existing Gradle project through Buildship 3.1.4

Working with:

Eclipse Buildship Buildship, Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle 3.1.4.v20200326-1743 org.eclipse.buildship

And having the following global Gradle configuration:

When I try to import an existing Gradle project

Note/Observation from above should appear by default all the global gradle configuration, it to indicate the developer that the global settings are being reused, I think it is very important.

Just playing if I do clic in the Configure Workspace Settings link appears again the expected Gradle global configuration

When the Gradle project should be imported, practically the settings are ignored, observe the following figure

Note/Observation it happens even if I check the Override workspace settings checkbox and repeat the same data

The problem is, always appears the following:

Just in case I created an issue in Github: