Fresh install of Eclipse Luna and Buildship Gradle


I just did a fresh install of Eclipse 4.4.2 (EE) and installed the Buildship gradle plugin (v1.0.0.v20150616-2101-s). It does show up in the Installed Software list.

The plugin does not seem to actually start, though. Nothing matches “gradle” in preferences, cannot Configure a project to use Gradle and cannot add gradle dependencies to the build path.

the .e:\workspace\metadata.log file is empty (so is the Error Log view) so nothing is failing.

Any ideas?

Did you do an import? Did you create a new project?

I re-opened the same workspace that I had … I also created a new project as a gradle project (which surprisingly shows up) but then nothing was added to it as dependencies even though the build.gradle did contain some.

I tried the to install Buildship v1.0.0.v20150616-2101-s to Eclipse 4.4.2 (EE) and for me it works as expected. I’d recommend to either use the release version from the Eclipse marketplace (search for Buildship) or - if you need the latest snapshot - use the following composite update site: If you do the latter, then the updates can be discovered automatically.

The reason why you haven’t found anything it the preferences is because we haven’t implemented any UI components for the workspace/project settings. It will be part of the following story:

To get started with Buildship you have two options:

  • Use the “New Gradle Project” wizard to create a simple project.
  • Use the “Import Gradle Project” to add existing Gradle project to the workspace.

If you want to update the dependencies for your project, simply right-click on them and select the Gradle > Refresh Projects. When the action finishes the “Project and External Dependencies” classpath container will contain the updated dependency list. Note: the context menu entry only shows up in the Package Explorer view.


There must be a local issue with my environment then.

I did a clean unzip of 4.4.2 into a new directory.
Launched, pointed it at a new workspace.
Added to the list of additional software.
Installed the only 1.0 option there.
Restarted Eclipse.
File -> Import -> Gradle Project
… it imported all of the sub-projects inside of our repo in, very nice.
… There is a Green (G) on each project which I’m going to assume that the project was recognized as a Gradle project.

However, none of the projects are compiling because all of the jar dependencies are there. Right clicking on a project does not produce ANY menu items having to do with gradle. After “Restore from Local History” is “Configure” in my context menu.

I went further and created a new Gradle -> Gradle Project which also got the G badge. However, this project does not have a gradle context submenu either. And if I go into the Project Properties there is nothing related to Gradle at all exception for “Builder” -> “Gradle Project Builder” that’s bout it.

Windows 8.1 64-bit
javaSE: 1.8.0_40 64-bit
JDK: 1.8.0_40 64-bit
Eclipse: 4.4.2 64-bit


An update.

I installed Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) on OS X 10.10 and installed the plugin and it came right up as a context menu item. So it’s a windows “feature” that it doesn’t initialize.

For me it works fine but I’m not using windows for development. Can you please verify that the context menu entry doesn’t appear in the Project Explorer view (the default navigation view in the Java perspective). If it’s the case please raise a bug in the Eclipse Bugzilla.