Idea plugin project doesn't work in IJ 12, but does work in IJ 11

(Phil Swenson) #1

There are many compilation issues on our project in IJ 12, but not IJ 11. Is this a known issue?

It appears that IJ 12 is not respecting module level dependencies.

(Luke Daley) #2

We haven’t had any other reports of this, and we (the Gradle developers) are using IDEA successfully with Gradle projects.

Your situation might be a bit more complicated.

(Phil Swenson) #3

Yes, our project is very complicated. I’ll give you some detail.

I see java: /Users/philswenson/dev/sag/opt/trunk/modules/ae/src/main/java/com/webmethods/optimize/math/ package cern.jet.stat does not exist

This cern.jet.stat dependency is referenced in our “ae” module iml file:

The editor itself doesn’t show an error in the code, the error only shows when I actually do a “make project” or “compile” of the class itself

(Peter Niederwieser) #4

Chances are that the problem isn’t related to Gradle but to the new compiler in IDEA 12 (which can’t compile the Gradle project either). I recommend to file an issue at You can switch back to the old compiler in IDEA preferences.

(Christopher Molozian) #5

I’m using IntelliJ Enterprise Edition 12.0.2 with Gradle without any problems.

My 2¢.

(Phil Swenson) #6

All I see for compiler options is javac and eclipse. Is there another option? The eclipse compiler failed with different errors. I filed an issue with jetbrains here:

(Peter Niederwieser) #7

To get back the old compiler, you have to uncheck Compiler->Use external build. The new compiler uses a different (more rigid) transitive dependency resolution algorithm, which can lead to problems.

(Phil Swenson) #8

Thanks Peter, that solved it!