Idea plugin project doesn't work in IJ 12, but does work in IJ 11

There are many compilation issues on our project in IJ 12, but not IJ 11. Is this a known issue?

It appears that IJ 12 is not respecting module level dependencies.

We haven’t had any other reports of this, and we (the Gradle developers) are using IDEA successfully with Gradle projects.

Your situation might be a bit more complicated.

Yes, our project is very complicated. I’ll give you some detail.

I see java: /Users/philswenson/dev/sag/opt/trunk/modules/ae/src/main/java/com/webmethods/optimize/math/ package cern.jet.stat does not exist

This cern.jet.stat dependency is referenced in our “ae” module iml file:

The editor itself doesn’t show an error in the code, the error only shows when I actually do a “make project” or “compile” of the class itself

Chances are that the problem isn’t related to Gradle but to the new compiler in IDEA 12 (which can’t compile the Gradle project either). I recommend to file an issue at You can switch back to the old compiler in IDEA preferences.

I’m using IntelliJ Enterprise Edition 12.0.2 with Gradle without any problems.

My 2¢.

All I see for compiler options is javac and eclipse. Is there another option? The eclipse compiler failed with different errors. I filed an issue with jetbrains here:

To get back the old compiler, you have to uncheck Compiler->Use external build. The new compiler uses a different (more rigid) transitive dependency resolution algorithm, which can lead to problems.

Thanks Peter, that solved it!