How do I make IntelliJ IDEA export dependencies of modules?

Greetings Gradle Users,

We have been using Gradle for a while now, and a bunch of us on the team use IntelliJ IDEA. In the past, when importing the project in to IDEA, everything would import and build fine in IntelliJ IDEA. More recently, an update to either Gradle or IDEA seems to have changed it so that modules no longer export their dependencies. This is causing an issue with one module that we have that re-wraps a jar in order to provide osgi properties in the manifest. Modules that depend on it are not seeing the classes it is wrapping, nor the dependency it depends on in IDEA. The manual work-around we are currently using is to open the module settings for that depdendency module and clicking the ‘Export’ button next to that dependency, but ideally we would like Gradle to auto-magically do that.

This might just be an issue with how we are wrapping the dependency jar, but I’m looking for any help that someone can provide.

I believe you’re seeing intentional behavior:

Can you provide a sample project that demonstrates the problem?

Ah, that makes sense, thank you for the link.

I am not back in the office until Monday, so I can’t provide a project at the moment, but at least with this new info I realize I have to work around it.