IntelliJ project and modules from idea-plugin and IntelliJ


I wonder what is the best way to use IntelliJ with our legacy projects. We are going to use gradle as a wrapper around ant/ivy for those projects.
When importing the build.gradle as a Gradle project, IntelliJ will configure the project and modules according to gradle build file.
I need to adjust some things, as the output path (“Inherit project compile output path”), dependencies etc.
I’m aware of the gradle idea-plugin (, but IntelliJ doesn’t seem to care for the idea-plugin configuration.
So what is the preferred appraoch? I have to import my gradle project in IntelliJ in order developers can execute the build tasks from the ide, but cannot live with the way IntelliJ configures my project at the moment.

Thanks for any ideas

Ah, look at this:
So, the idea plugin is outdated since quite a while. This should definitely be mentioned in the docs.