Sources not attached in Intellij Idea module

I have turned on source downloads and managed to get the source jars to download, however in the Intellij Idea module(iml) file there is no reference to the jar under SOURCES for each dependency. If I manually hack the file the sources get pulled in correctly but the file that is generated does not have the entry.

For Maven dependencies, this is supposed to work fine (and always did for me). Are you using Maven dependencies? And how do you integrate with IntelliJ? Can you provide a self-contained sample that demonstrates the issue?

We are using ivy. As I say the jar is downloaded into the cache, it is just not added into the iml file. The resolvers are reasonably complicated because the way the organisation I work for controls software and libraries coming in, however I would presume that as the jars are downloaded into the cache it is not the ivy piece that is the problem.

I run gradle idea, rather than using jet gradle built into Intellij.

I will see if I can come up with a self contained example to demonstrate the issue, but you wont have the ivy configuration we have here.

Attaching sources and javadoc Jars for Ivy dependencies isn’t yet supported, but it’s something we are working on right now.

Does this also apply to eclipse projects as well?

Yes, same story.

Also, is there a Jira for the current work?

You’d have to check