Problems with sonarlint-plugin and Intellij Idea (latest)


i’m facing a quite frustrating problem with Intellij Idea and a certain Gradle plugin, not sure what i did wrong nor how i can fix it.

I can run all gradle tasks via console just fine. However when running the “idea” task or simply importing in Idea itself i get the following error:

Resolving dependency configuration 'compileOnly' is not allowed as it is defined as 'canBeResolved=false'. Instead, a resolvable ('canBeResolved=true') dependency configuration that extends 'compileOnly' should be resolved.

Any idea how i can fix this problem?


Most likely, somewhere in the build is referring to compileOnly when it should either be referring to compileClasspath or following the advice given in the error.

If you add --stacktrace to the gradle command-line it should point to whatever is doing it.