How to compile jsp files using wsjspc(websphere compiler) in gradle?

I am migrating one project from ant to gradle.Now I am stuck in compiling jsp files as this project is using wsjspc(websphere compiler). So default attributes are not supported. Kindly suggest me something so that I could proceed further and build successfully.

Below are my code what I have written to compile jsp:

task compileJsp{
def jspcDir = new File("buildDir/bin/classes/jsp/**") jspcDir.mkdirs(); ant.taskdef(classname: '', name: 'wsjspc', classpath: configurations.wsjspc.asPath) ant.wsjspc(uriRoot: "{buildDir}/bin/classes/jsp/**", outputDir: “$buildDir/jspc”){

	fileset(dir: '../bin/classes/jsp/**', includes: '**/*.jsp', excludes: "WEB-INF")


Kindly Suggest. Thanks in advance.