Compile Jsp using wsJspc

I am trying to compile some jsp for Gradle. My project uses Websphere so I am trying to replicate ant’s wsJspc task. The task itself is getting executed (I think) but Jsps are not getting compiled. Any suggestions? Here is how I am using ant wsJspc task in Gradle
“name” to “wsjspc”,
“classname” to “”,
“classpath” to cp,
“wasHome” to “websphere.home”,
“warpath” to “webApp/build/libs”,
“outputDir” to “webApp/build/classes/jsp”,
“fileName” to “webApp/build/jspc/webapp/app”,
“compileToDir” to outputJspDirectory,
“forcecompilation” to “true”,
“deprecation” to “true”,
“verbose” to “”,
“keepgenerated” to “true”,
“jvmMaxMemory” to “768m”,
“logLevel” to “INFO”,

What do you mean by “not getting compiled”?
Do you get some error?
Is the task running but just not doing anything?
Did you maybe give the wrong arguments to the task? (For this you need to consult the tasks documentation or support)
How exactly do you try to execute this and where?

I asked question on another discussion, you explained it over there ( How to compile jsp files using wsjspc(websphere compiler) in gradle? - Help/Discuss - Gradle Forums ). Essentially I was providing incorrect warPath parameter to wsJspc task which was causing compiler to look in incorrect path. Once I provided correct path the process has moved forward. Thanks for your input.