How can I retrieve the URL of the build scan via API?

(Thomas Hofmann) #1


is there any API I can use to retrieve the URL that is printed to the console when a build scan has been uploaded? I would like to include the link in the metadata of our build server’s build result.

Thanks, Thomas

(Paul Merlin) #2

There’s no API.
The Jenkins Gradle support automatically exposes the build scan URLs.
There’s also a TeamCity plugin.
If you are using something else you may consider writing a plugin for it, looking at these two should get you started.


(Thomas Hofmann) #3

Yes we are using Jazz Build Engine at the moment. I will have a look at the plugins you have mentioned. Thank you.

(Thomas Hofmann) #4

I had a look at the TeamCityplugin. It basically reads from the log. I was trying to avoid this. Would it be possible and would you see any sense in adding an API to query for the URL?

(Pepper Lebeck-Jobe) #5

You are correct that there is no API access to the Build Scan URL at this point. We have gotten this feature request several times, and we are putting it on our roadmap. I’m not sure when it will be ready though.