Accessing the Build Scan URI prior to it being published?

(Tim Preston) #1

Is there any way to get at the Build Scan URI (or ID) prior to the scan being published (prior to the buildScanPublished callback)?

I’d like to be able to include a custom link in the build scan that allows a user to create a ticket in our issue tracker with a link back to the build scan. However, based on what I’m seeing here, it looks like the URI/ID might be calculated a little too late for me.

(René Groeschke) #2

Hey Tim, This is an interesting use case. But unfortunately this is currently not supported by gradle or the build scan plugin.


(Tim Preston) #3

Thanks for the quick response.

(Tim Preston) #4

@Rene - This could also be done with a tiny bit of javascript, but the build-scan plugin doesn’t (currently) allow this. Would this be something that the team would consider for a feature request?