Gradle : Undo redo and formatting code

Hi Gradle team,

How to format code present in the build.gradle?
like in pom.xml of maven, it is ctrl+shift+f

How to undo or redo in build.gradle? I tried ctrl+z is not working

What is the shortcut key for commenting code in gradle?
I know double slash for single line and /* … */ is for multiple lines, but I need key board shortcut. ?

Rakesh K

From another post I can see you are using the Eclipse IDE. The Gradle Editor from Eclipse Buildship has only basic editing support like syntax highlighting for *.gradle files. Commenting and formatting code are not supported.

Undo and redo are supported but sometimes do not work correctly (see Issue 1188 and Issue 1208). The problem has been fixed on the master branch and should be included in the next release of Buildship.