Gradle and LaTeX

Dear Community,

did any of you try, or, even successfully, build LaTeX-documents using gradle? I myself use LaTeX regularly, and I’d like to see my LaTeX-output being rendered by a more sexy solution than “make” :wink:

Kind regards, Stefan

I guess if your suggestion raises enough ‘me toos’ and we have enough time we’ll help out :slight_smile:

I think this would be great. I think it will take a bit of thinking about how best to organize the extension to support multiple compilation paths: pdftex, pdflatex, latex + conversion, etc.

In general, I don’t think there’s a clear best practice for developing plugins with multiple compilation options.


With scripts obtained from the internet I did sucessfully build LaTeX documents using Gradle. The gradle script it’s a bit messy as I’m just learning to use Gradle myself, but it worked for me.

You can get it here:

Hope this helps.

Best regards, António

My approach is using a general build file in a common location containing all the build logic and a project specific build file in the project directory.

The ‘’, which could be rewritten as a real Gradle plugin, rests under

The project specific script then boils down to

apply from: '../'
ext.jobname = 'Document Name'


our solution looks like this:


I use SCons which has excellent support for building LaTeX (indeed XeLaTeX) documents.


I have tried ‘rubber’ and this is really good.

In our CI (jenkins) this is just another shell-command:

rubber --module index,graphics --pdf Manual.tex

‘rubber’ and ‘latexmk’ are both good options.

I have started working on a Gradle LaTeX plugin, in the ‘gradle-science’ module of my Gradle plugins.

apply plugin: ‘latex’

task latex(type: LaTeX) {

master ‘mydocument’


It auto-detects a lot of input files (in a kinda messy way), re-runs, and also handles both BibTeX and BibLaTeX. Contributions to clean it up, document it, and debug it are more than welcome.