Using gradle to build projects with flawed component structure

(Chr. Bewernitz) #1


I would love to switch to gradle for a huge ActionScript codebase.
The problem that I’m not clear about how to solve is, that there curently are some projects (directories that contain source code and test code) that contain multiple applications (things that are compiled to swf files, executable with flash player or AIR runtime).

As far as I could see the GradleFx project has no support for doing something like this, other then using a complex range of parameters for each build, which wouldn’t feel very different from how ANT is used for that codebse right now.

It doesn’t need to be discussed on what GradleFX does, or even regarding Actionscript,
I would be happy to apply patterns that are used elsewhere, as I’m willing to invest some time to build a plugin for that even if I would need to rewrite, fork or depend on stuff that already exists in GradleFX.

Any ideas where to look for how other people in other languages have solves this?

I found this post in the old forum that might try to create something like that, if I understood correctly:

Thx for any idea.