Have plugin location conventions changed recently (/gradle folder)?

In Gradle version 1.3 plugins in the /gradle subfolder have been picked up automatically.

Folder layout: ‘’’ build.gradle src … gradle


+plugin2.gradle ‘’’ In Version 1.5 and 1.6 this doesn’t seem to be true anymore

Plugins can be used with the following lines in build.gradle:

‘’’ apply from: ‘gradle/plugin1.gradle’ apply from: ‘gradle/plugin2.gradle’ ‘’’

My questions are:

  1. Have the conventions changed? 2) What’s the right way to include local plugins?

Regards, Bernhard

Script plugins were never picked up automatically. They always required an ‘apply from:’, and they still do.

Hi Peter, is it possible to use wildcards?


‘’’ apply from: ‘gradle/*’ ‘’’

No, wildcards aren’t supported. You can have one script that in turn applies others, either by listing them individually or (if really necessary) by scanning the file system.

Thx, for the fast answer :slight_smile: