Gradle CSS and JS plugins preview

I wanted to give the Gradle community a taste of simpler webapp builds with Gradle, so I developed a couple plugins I hope you’ll enjoy: A CSS plugin ( and a JS plugin ( They’re available on Maven Central and sample usage is on the project pages. Example:

// Grab the plugin from a Maven Repo automatically
buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.eriwen:gradle-css-plugin:0.1'
// Invoke the plugin
apply plugin: 'css'
  // Specify a collection of files to be combined, then minified and finally GZip compressed.
css {
    input = fileTree(dir: "${projectDir}/css", include: "**/*.css")
    output = file("${buildDir}/combinedMinifiedAndGzipped.css")

I hope you guys can give these a shot in your web builds and see what you think. I’m eventually hoping to reach feature parity with the HTML5 Boilerplate build ( with your help. Please comment with suggestions or file an issue on the GitHub pages.