Gradle Plugin for Web Apps with JS and Sass Dependendency Management


We worked on a plugin to build Web Applications (the frontend part).

  • It uses Google’s Closure Compiler to optimize / typecheck / minify your JavaScript code
  • It provides dependency management via Maven Repositories for
  • JavaScript and the externs needed for the Closure Compiler
  • Sass code
  • and statics files (pre compiled libs like jQuery, fonts etc…)
  • Compiles your CSS with SASS (scss style)
  • Comes with a builtin Development Server
  • and Unit Test Runner with a watch mode

You simply need to have gradle and a browser. So if you are making (Single) Page Application and using Gradle give silksmith a try

Here is a simple Todo App to see it working

Currently I’m using it on some internal projects and I would really love to get some feedback and more ideas on how to improve it. Especially since in the old forum there was a long thread on how to manage JavaScript dependencies I thought people might be interested in it.

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