Gradle 2.1 released

(René Groeschke) #1

The Gradle team is pleased to announce the availability of Gradle 2.1.

Gradle 2.1 comes with a new, simpler, mechanism for using community plugins in your build, integrated with the new Gradle Plugin Portal. The Gradle Plugin Portal already contains more than 120 community plugins. This is one of many improvements planned to expand the Gradle platform by making the lives of both plugins developers and users better through new features and tooling.

Another very new exciting feature is the incubating support of incremental Java compilation, which promises to significantly reduce compilation times during the development cycle.

For detailed information on the new features, improvements and fixes please see the release notes.

Gradle 2.1 sets a new high watermark for contributions. It includes contributions from 18 different people. Contributions range from documentation improvements, to CUnit support improvements, to Ear Plugin improvements. Thank you to all of the contributors.

(Andrey Adamovich) #2

Great! Thanks for the release! Going to try incremental compilation right away :slight_smile:

(Matt Bellinger) #3

I am trying out the incremental compilation in Gradle 2.1, and I notice on a clean build, the message:

:project:compileJava - is not incremental (e.g. outputs have changed, no previous execution, etc.).

Should this be at least an ‘info’ level thing so it does not get printed under a normal build circumstances?

(Matt Bellinger) #4

Also, when checking compilation on the next run:

None of the classes needs to compiled! Analysis took 0.169 secs.

This should probably also be an info level thing I would think.

(René Groeschke) #5

thanks for trying this out and your feedback. since incremental compile is a incubating feature we want provide as decent feedback as possible. In general I agree that this should be on info log level.

(Matt Bellinger) #6

That is understandable, thanks for the clarification.

(Fernando Rubbo) #7

\o/ Go Gradle… Go \o/

(Guy Rooms) #8

Just noticed that GRADLE-3164 ( is mentioned in the release notes of 2.1 as being fixed. Yet it’s status is still open/unresolved.

(René Groeschke) #9

thanks for pointing this out. it is indeed not fixed. It seems there was a misunderstanding.

cheers, René

(Guy Rooms) #10

OK, Thx for clarifying/correcting.