Gradle 2.2 released

The Gradle team is pleased to announce the availability of Gradle 2.2. Some of the highlights of this release are new dependency management capabilities (component selection rules and module replacements), improved support for the SonarQube code quality platform, native cross compilation improvements, and the ability to easily share configuration files across builds.

For detailed information on new features, improvements and bug fixes please see the release notes.

Gradle 2.2 contains external contributions from 23 individuals, topping the previous record set in Gradle 2.1. Contributions cover a wide range of areas such as documentation, IDE integration, SonarQube integration, OpenJDK and OpenShift compatibility, and more. A big thank you to all contributors!

Perfect, thanks for the release!

When will android support increase? it says i need to use gradle 1.10 when where up to version 2.2 now its almost a joke, i want to use the latest version of gradle but android relies on an older version of gradle :(, hopefully this issue will soon be fixed, im liking building via command line without using an ide its good to explore something new keep up the good work tho :slight_smile: im looking forward to contributing to this build system it has a lot of potential.

Hey Danjovy,
the best place to ask for this is in the adt-dev google group (!forum/adt-dev) as android plugin developers usually not track this forum here I think.

A big thanks to the Gradle team for another release.

Are you able to give a status report on the roadmap tasks?

Gradle 2.2 claims OpenShift compatibility, yet Gradle 2.3-rc-1 fails to build a grails 3.0M1 project on OpenShift.

Any idea when this will be fixed?

Same problem as in which just ends with somewhat of a whimper :wink: