User Guide: Refers to Gradle 2.1 first providing incremental java compilation

In section 23.12, “Incremental java compilation”, it says “Starting with Gradle 2.1, it is possible to compile java incrementally”. Considering 2.0 was just released, I have a feeling that release number is wrong. Does anyone know what version this feature became available in? If it actually isn’t available, then I suppose 2.1 might be more accurate, but then I’d also say that documenting this in the released User Guide is probably not quite right either.

I think this is only on master (the next release of which would be 2.1). This section isn’t in the “live” user guide for 2.0.

I think you’re referring to the userguide of the nightly builds and not the gradle 2.0 userguide.

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t realize my 2.0 copy was from HEAD, not from the release.